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Reward Points

Collect Reward's simple and costs nothing!

Every item you order online earns points which can be used against future orders or tranferred to other customers.

We've tried to answer the most common questions below but please contact us if you need more detail.


Reward Points F.A.Q.

Q. How many points do I earn.

A. This may vary as we develop the scheme, but for now you'll earn one point for every pound you spend excluding VAT and delivery.


Q. Why don't I get points on the VAT and delivery?

A. Basically because the money isn't ours - we give it to the couriers and taxman!


Q. I ordered over the phone or by email - why didn't I get reward points?

A. We only offer points for orders you place online. We're trying to give you a little bit back when we do less work!


Q. Can I transfer my points?

A. Yes - we've designed the system very much with schools and charities in mind, many of our customers will only buy one product every few years which means they'd never earn many points. These can be transferred to a school or charity of your choice if you prefer, simply email us with details of the organisation you would like us to transfer them to.


Q. Do I need to earn enough points to buy an item outright?

A. No. You can use your points to buy an item in full - the number will be shown on the product page, or you can use them to pay for part of an order and pay the balance as normal.


Q. Can I exchange my points for cash?

A. No. That would defeat the object - let's be honest we are trying to encourage you to buy more from us!


Q. Do I get Reward Points if I order as a Guest without registering on the site?

A. No, sorry, you must register to earn Reward Points. This is not to force you to register but because details of Guest orders are not retained - there is no account for us to allocate Reward Points to.


Q. Do my points expire?

A. No, although we reserve the right to change this in the future as the scheme develops.


Q. Now much are Reward Points worth?

A. They don't have a fixed value, but each item on the site should show how many points are required to purchase it in full. The actual rate is partly determined by the cost of the item to us rather than it's sale price so you will see variations from product to product.


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