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Laptop Chargers and AC Adapters

Replacing a laptop charger or AC adapter?

Advice and help is below or select the manufacturer of your laptop to find the correct charger:

There are lots of reasons why customers replace laptop chargers - ranging from losing them to the power supply lead being eaten by pets! Some customers simply want a second charger for the office or home, to save carrying the original one around.

It is important that you select the correct charger for your laptop, using a charger that is under rated for your machine will almost certainly cause long term damage, as too high a current is drawn through the charging circuitry.

If you think your charger is faulty it's also worth checking that the power socket (also known as the jack, or AC socket) on your machine is not loose, especially if the machine charges intermittently. If you can feel it moving around then changing the AC adapter probably won't help. To double check this the easiest way is usually to remove the battery and turn the machine on, if by moving the jack where it plugs into the laptop the power cuts off then the socket probably needs replacing.

Changing a laptop jack normally is a fairly time consuming job, and often involves completely dismantling the laptop, desoldering the old jack and soldering in a new one. We offer it as a standard service.

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