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We operate an Education Affiliate Scheme solely for schools and other educational establishments.

What does this mean? When a school or associated body, for example a Parent Teachers Association, signs up to become an Affiliate they then need to place links on their own site to our site. Whenever someone clicks on these links we credit commission (currently 2.5%) to the Affiliate.

For the Affiliate scheme to work well the links need to visible to interested potential customers. Some schools may not wish to be seen to be "recommending" a supplier, but may still be happy to say "we buy from .....". Links can also be contained in newsletters or emails for example.

In practice this means that if someone places a small order - say £20 or £30 - on our site you will earn a very small amount of commission. If however you attract a larger customer, perhaps regularly spending several hundred pounds or more, commission will quickly build up. Thinking about this may mean the most effective way of using the scheme is to promote it to local businesses, maybe businesses that already support the school.

Commission is paid on request, subject to a minimum payment of £50, and will only be paid directly to the school or association involved. We don't pay commision automatically as we have found this causes problems with the schools own finance systems - unexplained small payments suddenly appearing in the school bank can be difficult to track.

Please note we will not approve Affialite applications from other organisations or individuals.

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