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Asus AC Adapter 90W 0A001-00052000

Asus AC Adapter 90W 0A001-00052000
Product Code: 0A001-00052000
Reward Points: 54
Price: £64.80
Ex VAT: £54.00
Price in reward points: 825

Available Options

Additional options for a mains lead, if required:

   - OR -   

Replacement original Asus AC adapter 0A001-00052000 designed for use with the following ranges:

  • B Series B43V
  • B Series B53V
  • K Series K45DR
  • K Series K501LX
  • K Series K501UX
  • K Series K55A (A55A)
  • K Series K55VD (R500V, R500VD)
  • K Series K55VJ
  • K Series K95VB (A95VB)
  • N Series N46VJ
  • N Series N46VM
  • N Series N46VZ
  • N Series N550JA
  • N Series N550LF
  • N Series N56DP
  • N Series N56DY
  • N Series N56VB
  • N Series N56VJ
  • N Series N56VM
  • N Series N56VV
  • N Series N56VZ
  • N Series N76VB
  • N Series N76VJ
  • N Series N76VM
  • N Series N76VZ
  • P Series P45VA
  • P Series P45VJ
  • Q Series Q550LF
  • X Series X450JB
  • X Series X450JF
  • X Series X450JN (K450JN)
  • X Series X450VB
  • X Series X450VC
  • X Series X450VP
  • X Series X45VD
  • X Series X550DP (R510DP)
  • X Series X550VB
  • X Series X550ZE (F550Z, F550ZE)
  • X Series X555DG
  • X Series X55VD (R503VD, F55VD)
  • X Series X750JA
  • X Series X750JB (R751JB, K750JB, F750JB)
  • X Series X751LK
  • X Series X751LX
  • X Series X75VB
  • X Series X75VC (R704VC)
  • X Series X75VD (F75VD)
  • K Series K55A
  • K Series K55VD
  • K Series K55VJ
  • N Series N550LF
  • N Series N56VM
  • N Series N56VZ
  • N Series N76VB
  • N Series N76VM
  • X Series X45VD
  • X Series X55VD
  • X Series X75VD
  • Monitor P Series PG278Q

Specification 90W. May also be known as ADP-90CD or 0A001-00051000

We include a mains lead with every power supply free of charge, most manufacturers do not include these.

Please note this ac adapter should only be used to replace a 90W ac adapter, if you have a 120 watt adapter, for example, this item is not correct for your laptop. To calculate the wattage of your adapter multiply the voltage by the amperage printed on your ac adapter - e.g. 19Vx4.74mAh=90.06W.

Please contact us if you need help selecting your mains adapter or power supply.

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