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Asus AC Adapter 40W

Asus AC Adapter 40W
Product Code: ADP-40PH BB
Reward Points: 32
Price: £38.40
Ex VAT: £32.00
Price in reward points: 480

2 or more £32.40

Available Options

Additional options for a mains lead, if required:

   - OR -   

Replacement original Asus AC adapter 04G26B001000 designed for use with the following ranges:

  • EEePC 1001HA
  • EEePC 1001PX
  • EEePC 1005
  • EEePC 1005HA
  • EEePC 1005HR
  • EEePC 1005P
  • EEePC 1005PE
  • EEePC 1005PR
  • EEePC 1005PX
  • EEePC 1008
  • EEePC 1008HA
  • EEePC 1008P
  • EEePC 1011PX
  • EEePC 1015
  • EEePC 1015P
  • EEePC 1015PD
  • EEePC 1015PE
  • EEePC 1015PED
  • EEePC 1015PEM
  • EEePC 1015PN
  • EEePC 1015PW
  • EEePC 1015T
  • EEePC 1016
  • EEePC 1016P
  • EEePC 1018
  • EEePC 1018P
  • EEePC 1018PB
  • EEePC 1018PD
  • EEePC 1018PE
  • EEePC 1018PEB
  • EEePC 1018PED
  • EEePC 1018PEM
  • EEePC 1018PG
  • EEePC 1018PN
  • EEePC 1101HA
  • EEePC 1102HA
  • EEePC 1104HA
  • EEePC 1106HA
  • EEePC 1108HA
  • EEePC 1110HA
  • EEePC 1201HA
  • EEePC 1201N
  • EEePC 1201NL
  • EEePC 1201PN
  • EEePC 1215
  • EEePC 1215N
  • EEePC 1215T
  • EEePC 1225B
  • EEePC MK90
  • EEePC R051RX
  • EEePC R101
  • EEePC S101
  • Lamborghini VX6

Specification 40W. May also be known as ADP-40PH BB, 90-XB02OAPW00150Q, 04G26B001010, 04G26B001020

We include a mains lead with every power supply free of charge, most manufacturers do not include these.

Please note this ac adapter should only be used to replace a 40W ac adapter, if you have a 75 or 120 watt adapter, for example, this item is not correct for your laptop. To calculate the wattage of your adapter multiply the voltage by the amperage printed on your ac adapter - e.g. 19Vx2.1mAh=39.99W. The tip is 2.5 x 0.7.

Please contact us if you need help selecting your mains adapter or power supply.

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